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Take Down Belt


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The Take Down Belt is to be used with the Resistance Training Cables

If you are looking to improve your take down, then you are going to want to hook your cables up to the Take Down Belt.  The Take Down Belt is an excellent way to increase your penetration during a take down.

Attention Wrestlers and MMA Fighters

When you take a shot in on your opponent, you want to drive through them to complete a solid take down.  Get in deep, and they are not going to sprawl out of it.  Now take your resistance training cables (sold separate) and hook them up to your Take Down Belt.  You are going to create resistance against your shot.  This is going to make you push harder into your shot.  Do this enough, and it's going to become a natural part of your game.

Along with take down drills, the Take Down Belt also lets you add to your cardio, allowing you full motion when doing any kind of running activities when hooked into your belt with cables. Cables sold separately, please view Suggested Products tab at the top of the of the description for more information about the Resistance training cables.

The Take Down Belt is available in two different sizes.  There is a 44" and 54" Take Down Belt Available.  One Size Fits all up to the sizes listed.

Please choose your belt size from our drop down menu above.


MMA Takedown Drills
Jogging Drills for MMA
mma training
Fightertrainer.com Take Down Belt
how to put the Take Down Belt on
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Improve your penetration and follow through with resistance from the cables
Shoot takedowns with resistance.
Strong solid place running will give you an awesome cardio workout
Add sprints, and high leg steps to better your cardio, and help you burn fat.
The Takedown Belt allows you to move freely
Spin freely in the Takedown Belt. This allows you to move back and forth.
Imporve and tighten your technique with a hard leg attack with resistance
Bear crawl with resistance from the fitness cables.

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