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MMA Duo Core Crasher


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The best training in the world is partner training.  You will train and work harder with a partner than you will on your own. 

Improve your MMA workouts and training

It's a fact, and sometimes we wish it was an unknown fact.  If your opponent has trained harder than you; if that person standing across from you has found ways to train and teach their bodies in ways you have not...

Fightertrainer can only give you the tools to help you take that step past your opponents.  The desire to put it to use is up to you. 

We bring to you the Duo Core Crasher, which will allow you to push yourself with a training partner.  And when you use each other's resistance, you are going to get an honest, solid workout, because you already know "Cheaters Never Prosper". 

Add resistance from your partner, and improve strength and endurance in your legs, back, chest, arms, and core. 

The Duo Core Crasher is perfect for those looking to improve functional strength and balance. It works on all three planes of motion available to the body and is a great training tool for individual or team use.

 The Duo Core Crasher comes in resistance levels from 20lb - 70lb. 


  • (1) 12.5' circular resistance cable
  • (1) Instruction manual
  • (4) Foam cushioned grips
  • (1) Door attachment (used to attach cable to door for solo use)

You must select your resistance from our drop down menu above.

mma leg workout
MMA Partner Training
MMA Training
Kombat Krusher
Price: $49.99

Jungle Gym - Body Weight Training
Price: $49.99

Pull Up Revolution Pro
Price: $79.99

Power Chin-Up
Price: $14.99

MMA Workout Cable Kit - 60lb
Price: $22.97

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