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FighterTrainer :: MMA Footwork - Leg Workout :: Kombat Krusher

Kombat Krusher

Price: $49.99



The Kombat Krusher will create war stories in a cage.  You've just been handed an opportunity to one of the best leg workouts you can get.

Ever had the crap kicked out of your legs?  It makes you slow, and it makes taking your opponent down even harder.  If your legs can't function, then the rest of you won't either.  You'll just get beat on, and probably make it on to some greatest beat down videos, only being on the wrong end of the highlight.

The Kombat Krusher will help you with your MMA leg training, cardio training, and at the same time work your core and back.  You will improve your jumping ability, speed and agility. 

Add resistance to plyo-metric jumps, and directional running movements.  Add inches to your vertical leap.  Make Jump Training an important part of your MMA training.

Unlike platform or weight based jump trainers, the Kombat Krusher does not accelerate your impact with the ground, which won't bust up your knees.

Along with your jump training, you can also add Placed Resistance Training by hooking your Kombat Krusher around a pole, or to a door with a door strap attachment.  From this position you can add resistance to your take downs, place running, jumps and flying knees.

The Kombat Krusher is an all around MMA training weapon that every MMA fighter, and athlete should have in their arsenal. 

The Kombat Krusher can hold up to 3 resistance cables at once, which offers all kinds of resistance levels.  All the cables can be changed in seconds.  The Kombat Krusher comes with (2) 40 lb cables, giving you up to 80 lbs of resistance.  Additional cables are sold separate.


  • (2) 40 lb Resistance Cables with 24" foam cushioned padding
  • (2) 3 in 1 Cable Stirrups
  • Instruction Manual

Click on an image to enlarge
Place harness strap under foot
Pad on shin, and strap in back
Completed Kombat Krusher on your feet
Cables up and over your head, with foam padding on the back of your neck
Starting squat position
Get your legs into MMA condition
Lunge to make your legs stronger
Lunges - These will break you
Vertical jump starting position. Arms down and back, legs in a squat postition
Thrust into the air with hands extended above your head. 40 lbs of resistance. Notice there are no weights involved, which give you a safer landing vs. weighted jump trainers
Get in jump training reps with fighter stance jumps
From your fighter stance jump and twist to your opposite stance
Fighter Stance Jumps will quickly break down your legs
Power jump. Choose a stable object, stand on one side of it
Jump as high as you can to the opposite side of your obstacle
After landing, jump back over right away. This jump training excercise is going to kill your legs! 40 lbs Resistance on this jump.
Strength and Balance. Seriously, this was hard!
Slide the harness to the side of your leg, and add resistance to your kicks, and abs.
Kombat Krusher trains everything, including your arms
Grip below the foam padding. The lower your grip, the more resistance. Add hammer curls to your workout.
Tricep extensions. Grip foam and extend above, and slightly behind your head.
Bend at the elbows, and extend behind your head. This is much safer than using dumbbells.
Cross train with other resistances in your MMA training
The Power Punch (sold separate) adds awesome resistance to your arms, while the Kombat Krusher breaks in your legs.
You can hook your Kombat Krusher around a pole with the Take Down Belt (sold separate) The straps on the harness loop through the Take Down Belt
Work your cardio with placement running
Change your running direction to finish your leg and cardio workout.
Takedowns with added resistance
Bear crawls just got a LOT harder
Side jumping will crush your legs, and help build your cardio
Suprerman Jump. Jump as high, and as far as you can.
Go for it. Knock a head off! Trian your flying knees, with RESISTANCE!
Kombat Krusher holds up to 3 resistance cables
Add and remove cables in seconds.
The Kombat Krusher will help you in your MMA training.

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